Life's a journey of coming back to find the Self.

Social media, society and other forms have kept us looking outside ourselves for love and validation. We have detached from ourselves because we are constantly being reminded what we are not and what we need to change to be more liked.

We will also look to family, friends and lovers and look for validation from them. They become a mirror for our beliefs. Are we loveable? Are we acceptable? They will often mirror our beliefs that we are NOT lovable and that to be loveable we need to change into something more.

From a spiritual standpoint, this is perfect, and also what we agreed to do in this lifetime. To look outside ourselves for love, validation, acceptance and appreciation. We are all on the spiritual journey whether we are conscious of it or not. Our spiritual journey is about coming back to that inner place of love and acceptance. One that is connected to source energy at all times. In this space we are in constant acceptance, do not need validation because we are connected to love. It is that simple. Your life will mirror your beliefs and also the people in it will give you the clues that are keeping you away from loving yourself unconditionally. We agreed as souls for this contrast so we are all in the same boat here.

So here is my solution - If you are feeling less validated and unappreciated, start appreciating your achievements and how amazing you are. If you are feeling criticised by people maybe you have been the one who has been critical of you. If you are feeling unloved start to come back to loving yourself.

Do you say loving things to yourself daily?

Your law of attraction starts from this place. If you can't see your inner and outer beauty no one else will. The power behind this is intention is immeasurable.

Start doing this for yourself, rather than looking for it from others. You will find the peace, contentment and happiness that identifies and connects you to who you truly are, not the false society suggestions of who we should be.

Love and Light...Belinda

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