Am I Manifesting my Life?

It has come to my attention that many people are struggling with the idea that their thoughts are creating their lives and they are frantic with the need to change them. They have heard or believed that when they think 'negative thoughts' that they are creating what is happening in their reality. This is not true. You can only manifest and create from LOVE not FEAR.

Your life will be a projection of your BELIEFS and so you will have thoughts going on in your head around what is happening in your life connecting to your beliefs. But you are not creating it and let me explain why.

When you are in fear you are connected to the EGO mind. This guy gets a bad wrap and really isn't bad at all. Your Ego mind's job is to show you where your thoughts are out of oneness with Love. If you are struggling with what is happening in your life and your thoughts are to feel overwhelmed, angry, confused, frustrated and depressed the thoughts you have around that situation have taken you there. It has not been manifested. So let's now look at the event.

As I said earlier your life is a projection of your beliefs. That sucks I hear some of you say. This does not mean YOU created it and therefore you are a failure because you CREATED your shitty life. Not a chance. You are living a life of contrast that is ultimately to bring you back to LOVE and Oneness. So to come back to that you have to be able to see what your beliefs are that are taking you away from that oneness. If you do not understand the darkness you will not understand the light. We are all on the journey to lift the veil of negative perception of how we see our lives and awaken to a enlightened perspective of what is really happening.

Then what do I do to create a different life if I am unconsciously through my beliefs creating my life?

Do I have no control whatsoever?

Am I destined to feel this way and have this constantly happening to me?

...Nope, thats the good news...

When you can change your perspective on what is happening and see that from a spiritual perspective nothing wrong is occurring and you are willing to let go of the blame and judgement around the situation your energy changes from anger, resentment, blame etc to peace, understanding and surrender. Your energy changes from FEAR to LOVE. From the Ego's perspective to Higher Self perspective. This is not a mental practice as you will still stay in your head here and cause more havoc. When the energy around these stories has been transformed from fear to love through the Radical Forgiveness tools you are then not going to have your beliefs show up in your life anymore because you have transformed them. No more 'negative thoughts' and feelings happen and then you are in peace.

Once you are in peace you are then connected to the energy to manifest because you are connected to LOVE. Only in love gratitude and appreciation can you manifest. Please do not think that one change of perspective on one issue will be the end and your life will be magically transformed. Your LIFE is a spiritual practice. You are going to be constantly challenged and this is spiritual growth this is your journey.

Radical Forgiveness is the most profound tool that will transform these stories and change the energy completely. It is the only tool I have found to completely change my energy and I encourage anyone who is ready to make some changes in how they view life to try some of these tools or have some coaching.

Love and Light...Belinda

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