How often are we "sucked" into Feelings of Fear?

How often with do we get "sucked" into the feelings of fear? Recent 'acts of terror' and random violence across the globe - are a very real example of how we all felt emotionally upset by recent devastating events.

I am sure everyone would have had some fear surfacing after these events. Thoughts like ‘Gosh this is getting worse, where will they attack next” or “It could happen to anyone” or “it could happen to me or someone I love” or even “it could happen when you least expect it”. I’m sure most people on the planet had these thoughts when this terror attack occurred. Would you agree? It brings up a lot of fear doesn’t it?

This got me thinking. My work involves trying to look at it from a different perspective. Looking at what might be occurring in our physical world and see under what is actually happening from a spiritual standpoint. To be open to a different perspective from a 5th dimension consciousness. I believe that everything that is occurring without exception is an opportunity to heal something within us. Without exception. So my thought is, if there is a terror attack or massacre, what might be really going on underneath this? This is just my take on this and not for everyone, so if you don’t like this idea I am presenting feel free do have your own opinions and keep holding the perspective you have.

You may be aware there is a massive shift of consciousness occurring on the planet. We are moving from a fear-based consciousness to a love based consciousness. We are all uprooting our old wounds and beliefs and attempting to feel peace. People are awakening all over the planet and are moving towards books, seminars, forgiveness work, workshops, yoga, pretty much anything that will help them feel peace and heal these wounds. Because we are all sick of feeling weighed down and heavy with the way our lives have been going and need to emotionally feel better. So we all need to feel more peace, correct?

What is the opposite of Peace? FEAR.

Ok so stick with me here... people are trying to feel better emotionally physically and spiritually and are trying move towards feeling more peace in their lives. Our planet is going through a massive shift. What I find with my work is that people act out in very strange and mean ways to help us heal something within us. Remember this is with the belief that what ever is happening might have some purpose (even if we cant understand it) without exception.

What if there is something happening with these attacks that is trying to help us heal something within us to move us from a fear based consciousness to a love based consciousness. What needs to come to the surface to heal, FEAR. The fear that may lies within us. We might be fearful we haven’t got enough money to make the next mortgage, fearful that our partner doesn’t love us, fearful that our kids are going to stay safe, fearful that we might not meet our deadlines with work, fearful that we might fail in some way. How many of us are feeling stress? What if stress is fear as disguise?

So Here it is, I believe that the planet is connected to our collective Consciousness (everyone on the planets emotions) and will start to energetically align with what most people need to heal, which I believe is FEAR (or Stress). We are all naturally being drawn to start this process of healing within ourselves, have you noticed this? Where has there ever been a time when so many people are looking within themselves to heal their own wounds and pain.

So what if the these attacks are reflecting what we as a collective conscious (most people on the planet) are feeling which is FEAR and this is what we need to heal. What if our collective consciousness (everyone’s emotions) resides mostly in a fear based consciousness, which is why these attacks are escalating so we can transform them from fear to love. To heal our own internal fears connected to our day-to-day stress. When we look under our stress there are many beliefs there connected to fear.

What I am hedging at here and hoping is that when we can all start to transform our thoughts, stories and past hurts of Fear and transform them into Love. This will not only move your energy and transform your stress but also help move and heal the collective energy. Meaning everyone’s energy on the planet. Fear brings more fear. Love brings more love. Can we all start to be responsible for our fear-based thoughts and bring them to love? This is how I believe we can make a difference. Work on your stressful fear based thoughts and bring them from fear to love. This does not mean stuffing them down and ignoring them. There is purpose with them, they don’t need ignoring they need transforming.

In conclusion...

Love is ultimately more powerful than fear. So lets move the fear we have within ourselves and transform them into love. If you would like to clear your stressful thoughts and fear please go to the Empower Within ‘free downloads’ page and request a worksheet. Work on the fears you have going on in your life now. These tools are the most powerful worksheets I have ever experienced. There is step-by-step process to take you through them on Colin Tippings website.

I am not suggesting that our government should not be taking action regarding these attacks but what I am suggesting is that what if our collective energy could make a difference in healing this disharmony. The disharmony you see within yourself may be a direct reflection of the disharmony outside yourself. Meaning these attacks and events.

I believe we can make a difference not only in healing the fears and stresses in our own lives and finding peace but also in healing the fear that is escalating around the planet.

If you like what I have written or feel you would like some Coaching, please feel go to the Empower Within website or contact me at

Love and Light...Belinda

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