How do we measure our own value?

How often do we measure our value on where we think we should be, in our career, in our finances, with our weight and life generally.

If only I had that "bla bla" my life would be amazing. We measure success comparing ourselves to where we are not. We measure ourselves on comparing ourselves to others. We stay in a feeling of "un-loved". This keeps us thinking there must be something we need to do better or fix. Ultimately I find a core negative belief with my clients running which is "who I am is not enough."

We have been taught this our whole lives so don't go beat yourself up, because guess what, we all have it. This is how we identify with our Ego. The ego has had a very important job for us as spiritual beings, it has had a plan to keep us separate from loving ourselves unconditionally. Its job has been to keep us judging, criticising and keeping us feeling separated.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience remember, so what better way to feel separated. So what if we have come here as spiritual beings to feel the opposite of love and acceptance. What a relief right?

So I am letting you know feeling critical of ourselves and our lives are why you are here. It doesn't have to end here though. If you are looking for a way to feel this less start seeing where you are now as perfect and where you are meant to be. Not where you should be. There has been a divine plan for us all and it is never the destination it is always the journey. So surrender into loving the now as that is all there is.

Love and Light...Belinda

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