What is a Radical Forgiveness Coach?

A lot of people are not sure what I do as a coach and have thought my work is "freaky spiritual stuff"?

This work is mainly based on the principles of law of attraction and forgiveness. My job is to help change the beliefs that are currently creating the disharmony in your life.

As a coach I ask what is going on in your life that you are not happy with. I have found people will talk about three main concepts, Relationships, Money and Themselves. They have situations around these key areas that they want to change.

My job is to look at the beliefs under what is happening and go back to who taught you these beliefs. Once we know that we do processes to dissolve those beliefs. It is really that simple and magical at the same time. Once we release the energy around these beliefs we will change the frequency in your vibration to create new positive experiences. This work challenges your view on everything you have ever been taught about about relationships, money and the self so it is an exciting journey.

I have clients that are using the tools I have taught them years after they were introduced to them and still contact me with their little miracles that have happened after they have done a process or used one of the tools.

This work is very easy and anyone can do it. I you are looking for more information regarding this kind of coaching feel free to go to my website www.empowerwithin.net.au

Love and Light...Belinda

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