The art of Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness has been based on the teaching of a Course in Miracles.

The basic teaching of the Course is to forgive and see every person as your loving brother and every situation as a challenge to see and hold love.

Radical Forgiveness has developed easy to use tools that you can apply to any situation by moving your thoughts from a judgemental fear based thought into an accepting and loving perception. Which is exactly what the Course teaches you to do.

How many of us struggle day to day with people really taking us into stressful, hurtful and even painful emotional experiences? These Forgiveness tools help dissolve and transform this emotion. This is a practice that will not happen after one worksheet although you do feel better even after using one of the tools. Using it consistently when someone triggers us is the key to really expanding in your spiritual journey, because you are constantly challenging your perception on how you see what's occurring and opening your thoughts of seeing that this is a gift sent by your brother to help you expand in perception to open you to love. What better way to challenge our journey to bring us to love by giving us the opposite.

Our practise is to come back when we have been taken out. It is like exercising your brain and thoughts in a way that you have never exercised before. It will take you from the heavy dense fear based reality into a space of love and gratitude. These tools of Radical Forgiveness are very easy to use and keep you practicing that head to heart perception.

One of my favourite sayings is "if you are not seeing it of God - then your perception is false." It is the key to changing how you move through your life.

Love and Light...Belinda

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