Is your relationship a mirror?

Relationships are a great mirror for what our Core Beliefs are!

Although we tend to sometimes blame the other person for their bad behaviour towards us we rarely take the time to look what it might be reflecting as a belief that might need healing within us.

Every relationship and circumstance in our life has been created through a law of attraction vibration to either resonate with the core negative or positive belief we have within us or to heal a wound. We tend to try and fix these problem through our mental state but in truth the most powerful way to shift energy is in our spiritual state.

This does not necessarily happen through prayer, it can also happen through opening to an understanding that this person loves you enough to help you, heal this part of you and they are acting like a bit of a "twat" for you to acknowledge this belief so you can come back to your true state which is love.

So next time your loved one is making to feel crappy don't just blow it off and say "it's them and not me", take the time to reflect on what it might have brought up for you because under their behaviour they are only resonating with a belief that is yours.

Love and Light...Belinda

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