Am I doing enough - is it enough?

I have noticed that a lot of my clients of late and via posts on Facebook , have been saying..."what we should be doing - what we are not doing enough off to give us the life that we want"?

If you want a better life you should be doing this.... if you are thinking this, this is what you created..... If you are physically not at this perfect weight its because you are not eating this or should eat more of this..... If you want a better life you should be making these changes and thinking like this...... Advertisement has certainly keep us in seeing what we are lacking inn.

I can certainly put my hand up with what I have posted looking back and see how people could have felt my posts were preaching for people to make these changes if you wanted this sort of life, so i definitely understand the compassion behind the posts, as is never with judgement only with the purest heart felt intention to inspire.

All of this wonderful advice is done for this purpose, but I know under those inspiration words, deep within us when we reflect on those posts is that we tend to think I should be doing this and if i don't feel this and others do then I must be doing something wrong. And intimately there exists this thought "there is something within me that is broken or needs fixing". This subconscious part of our brain is focusing on what always needs to be fixed and so you keep having more things to fix.

My intention for you today is to see every part of you in this moment has been created with perfection and there is not one part of you that needs fixing. What a nice thought "there is nothing within me that needs fixing or changing."

The more intention you focus on seeing yourself as perfectly created the more you will realise there is nothing to fix and nothing within you needs fixing. Have always been and forever will be created with perfection.

Love and Light...Belinda

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