Many people harbour self-criticism, guilt and anger towards themselves. Holding Guilt comes from what we have done in the past. Feeling Shame comes from who we are or how we feel about our selves.  To forgive ourselves for things we have done can be a difficult process and one that is one near impossible to do, until now.


Radical Self Forgiveness helps release the shame and guilt you are feeling, so that you can start to forgive yourself and let go of the emotions attached to the stories, you are carrying.  Everyone has events in their past that are horrible that we would rather forget, so they get pushed down and we try to forget they ever happened. Doing this can be very harmful not only to the emotional self, but to the body. We are connected to our mind body and spirit at all times, so these stories become part of our whole experience.  Our body can tend to give us some warning signals when we get sick, indicating we are holding onto our emotions. 


You don’t have to manage your thoughts or supress your feelings. No self-discipline or self-control is required. In fact, you’ll find more ease just being you — more than you’ve ever had before.  As you start to unfold the guilt and shame you will find your heart lightens and certain problems naturally resolve themselves.


When you forgive yourself, you set yourself free of the emotional chains that are keeping you from loving yourself.


  • Releasing anger and resentment that keeps you feeling stuck

  • Forgiveness of yourself for any imperfections or behaviours

  • Accepting yourself as you are letting go of the resistance

  • Feeling lighter emotionally

  • Start to see yourself through a more loving and accepting view



Radical Self-Awareness and Radical Self-Forgiveness coaching, provides you with the tools and techniques that will change how you feel about yourself. 


  • A new paradigm for forgiving yourself

  • Coaching and worksheets that take you through the step-by-step forgiveness process

  • Guidance to turn resistance into acceptance. Discover the states of mind you go through when facing anger and resistance

  • Wisdom to handle challenging situations so that you are at peace with them

  • Processes to release limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in your old perspectives

  • Practical exercises that help you learn to forgive yourself and others, as situations arise


Radical Forgiveness is a spiritual philosophy that has a practical applications to people’s lives by virtue of the spiritual perspective that it gives on life.  It is a therapy insofar as it gives a spiritual perspective that the person can apply in the manner of self-help in any situation that he or she might be dealing with.


Radical forgiveness is a simple and profound process that dissolves pain attached to our

emotionally related problems.  It can be used for money issues, relationship problems,

sexual abuse, health issues, depression, anger, resentment, feeling used, betrayal, rejection

and feelings of abandonment.  Radical Forgiveness processes assist in the release toxic pain

from old emotional wounds and helps free harmful behaviour patterns.


There are many benefits derived from the Radical Forgiveness processes, which may include:


  • Improved health and well-being - by releasing tension and anxiety associated with past events and traumas.  


  • Increased and focused energy - by releasing the emotional weights that have been keeping you from achieving what you have always desired.


  • Freedom from the past - by releasing those negative attachments that have kept you bound emotionally to former partners, friends and those who have caused you pain or harm. 


  • Real peace and happiness - by arriving at a state of awareness and acceptance of past negative experiences and relationships.


  • Freedom from old patterns - with the ability to enjoy new ways forward with a more enriching, loving and peaceful life.  


  • Increased Spiritual growth - by moving out of feelings of resentment, anger and blame and into feelings of compassion acceptance and love.