Why You Still Need to Forgive Your Parents

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  • Why You Still Need to Forgive Your Parents and How To Do It With Ease and Grace

    Did we choose our parents before we came in? 
    Was it all pre-arranged that they would sow the seeds of our opportunities for spiritual growth during our adult lives? 
    No matter how deep or superficial the wounds we suffered as children, were they, in fact, all part of our soul’s plan?

    Contemplation of this possibility is the foundation stone of Radical Forgiveness. It is explored in this book as a spiritual approach to ‘reframing’ our childhood experiences that, up to now, we might have thought were less that perfect and for which we hold our parents, at least partially, to blame.

    Forgiving our parents, therefore, does not mean simply ‘letting bygones be bygones.’ It means seeing the utter perfection in their imperfection. It means coming to a place of deep appreciation and gratitude for all that they did to launch us on our journey towards our Awakening. It means seeing the Truth and returning ourselves to Love.

    The personal stories provided by each of the co-authors are wonderful examples of how even some of the worst childhood wounds can be reframed in this way and how a profound peace arises as a result. 

    Read this book to find out how perfect your parents really were and to feel the love that comes with that realisation.