Radical Manifestation

  • Radical Manifestation - The Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want 

    This book is just what you would expect from Colin Tipping a radical approach to conscious creating that is fresh, insightful, down-to-earth and solidly practical. It shows you how you can put your life into high gear, manifesting what you want so you can live a life of fulfillment, abundance, joy, peace and happiness. 

    One whole section is devoted to Creating Money, with another section deals with the difficult issue of Weight Loss. It is not about "programming" or even "deprogramming" your subconscious mind as it is with many other approaches. It's about coming from a totally different paradigm and doing an end run around the mind altogether. It simply uses your Spiritual Intelligence to supercharge your intentions. This is the part of your awareness that instinctively understands how to attract whatever you want from the great sea of abundance that the Universe provides for us all. It's not about struggle any more. 

    Radical Forgiveness gave us the to heal our past and raise our vibration. In this book, learn about the powerful approach to creating the future we want, including more joy and happiness, more money, right purpose, weight loss, good health, a loving partnership and whatever else we desire.