A book study group is a fantastic way to really understand and integrate the Radical Forgiveness philosophy on a very deep level.  It is essentially a group of people who come together with the joint aim of studying a book and discussing what they find in there. A book study program is not the same thing as a class.  It is a shared experience where discussion and group interaction is involved, with little in the way of instruction taking place. 


There will be a commitment to meet once a week for at least a couple of hours with a commitment for 6-weeks.  It is a closed group of people and is a very bonding experience, for the all participants. 


After reading sections of the book we spend the first half of every meeting discussing the material and concepts of the book and the second half going over and actually using the tools.


One book is studied at a time.  Book studies include The Radical Forgiveness book, the Radical Self Forgiveness book and the Radical Manifestation book.  Each book has transformative views on life and your experience will be forever changed after experiencing the magic behind Radical Forgiveness.  There is no other way to deeply integrate a new shift than with a book study group.