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Empower Within was created with the desire to help people shift their emotional pain, to help people understand what beliefs are currently running their lives and to also help dissolve those beliefs so they will start to create the life they want.


Primarily this work is about inner transformation, which involves turning the whole way we look at the world completely upside down, overturning conventional belief systems, values and assumptions. Empower Within was created to help people connect with their soul and truly realise the power that lies within each of us.


Empower Within uses techniques and processes of Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self Forgiveness and Acceptance, Radical Empowerment and Radical Manifestation, which enable individuals to view life from a whole new perspective. Taking people out of the victim consciousness and into one of complete surrender and acceptance, from thinking with the head, into viewing life from the heart.


I support clients through the empowering journey of their choosing.  Whether it’s relationship problems, money problems, career problems, self-doubt or whatever problem is being faced, Radical Forgiveness will provide answer.  At Empower Within I enable clients to enter a deeply soul enriching and personally empowering experience, while coaching them to shift the emotions around the experiences and the suffering they are carrying.


My purpose is to show people how they have created their lives through their beliefs and help them change those beliefs so they can create the life they want. The purpose is to create and manifest more peace, happiness and abundance.


Love and light....Belinda



Radical Forgiveness is a spiritual philosophy that has a practical applications to people’s lives by virtue of the spiritual perspective that it gives on life.  It is a therapy insofar as it gives a spiritual perspective that the person can apply in the manner of self-help in any situation that he or she might be dealing with.


Radical forgiveness is a simple and profound process that dissolves pain attached to our

emotionally related problems.  It can be used for money issues, relationship problems,

sexual abuse, health issues, depression, anger, resentment, feeling used, betrayal, rejection

and feelings of abandonment.  Radical Forgiveness processes assist in the release toxic pain

from old emotional wounds and helps free harmful behaviour patterns.


There are many benefits derived from the Radical Forgiveness processes, which may include:


  • Improved health and well-being - by releasing tension and anxiety associated with past events and traumas. 


  • Increased and focused energy - by releasing the emotional weights that have been keeping you from achieving what you have always desired.


  • Freedom from the past - by releasing those negative attachments that have kept you bound emotionally to former partners, friends and those who have caused you pain or harm..  


  • Real peace and happiness - by arriving at a state of awareness and acceptance of past negative experiences and relationships.


  • Freedom from old patterns - with the ability to enjoy new ways forward with a more enriching, loving and peaceful life. 


  • Increased Spiritual growth - by moving out of feelings of resentment, anger and blame and into feelings of compassion acceptance and love.






Radical Forgiveness works similar to how homeopathic remedies work.  That is to say they work holo-energetically.  In a holographic world each minute part of the universe is not only connected energetically to the whole but contains the whole.  Homeopathy uses this principal by making remedies that affect the energy system of the organism.  This is the same idea with Radical Forgiveness.  Therefore when changing one part energetically you affect the whole.

Through coaching you will be able to see your situation, relationship or issue from a whole new perspective. The process helps you discover that beneath the drama, hurt, and angst of any situation there is a spiritual component that is gently offering you an opportunity to heal.  It works at the energetic level and the effects are often instantaneous.  People feel better immediately and frequently their life problems dissolve soon afterwards. 


People who use Radical Forgiveness are profoundly changed by it. Old hurts dissolve. Long-held resentments seem to melt away. Once-broken relationships are healed. And beyond those miracles, life seems to begin to operate on a higher level, with more synchronicities and more flow.


Our culture has long taught us to look at our experiences through the eyes of a victim: to judge, lay blame, accuse, and seek revenge. But this only anchors the pain in and perpetuates our suffering. Radical Forgiveness guides us to transcend the victim archetype, embrace the unseen perfection in our experience and reclaim our true power. 

Radical Forgiveness is a simple and intuitive process that doesn’t require any special skills for you to have extraordinary results. You can profoundly shift from victim onsciousness to empowerment in one seating, and experience an amazing release of hurt and trauma.


This will enable you to:


  • Free yourself  - from victim consciousness


  • Discover the embracing love - that lies behind every circumstance you have endured


  • Tap into the trust, security and peace within you - to dispel the pain you’ve carried


  • Claim your power to live your life fully - with peace and acceptance




Welcome, my is name Belinda Porter, I am blessed to be a Life Empowerment Coach, founder and creator of Empower Within. I am also very fortunate to be the only certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Radical Living Coach, Radical Master Coach and Radical Living Workshop Leader in Australia.


I have a deep inner passion for the principals of Radical Forgiveness and I am dedicated to coaching and teaching people to live a more meaningful and appreciative existence through Radical Forgiveness.


Having personally applied the principals of Radical Forgiveness and I have completely transformed and empowered my own life through these principals. I am highly motivated and passionate about guiding and teaching others to experience the same outcomes that have revolutionised my life.

I am also a qualified facilitator and practice Past Life Regression and Reflexology, as well as being a Reiki Master, with many years of experience in holistic health. 


I lovingly assist people in reaching their maximum spiritual and emotional well-being.  I have found that Radical Forgiveness has empowered my life, more than any other modality and I am focused on coaching and teaching others to realise their "power from within".

                    Love and light....Belinda



While the tools for Radical Living can be used for purposes of self-help, experiences of people across the world have shown that the best success with those tools is achieved by those who have attended Radical Living workshops, or received 1-on-1 coaching, with a certfied Radical Living Coach, to best learn how to work through the 5-stages of Radical Forgiveness and correctly utilise the suite of Radical Living tools and worksheets. 


A certified Radical Forviness Coach is the only person who can guide, assist and support people to go deeper with their personal work, and help them achieve the desired shift in energy and realise the ubundent benefits from Radical Living.

I want to thank you so much for your amazing support on my journey. As a coach I know there are times when we are not able to see our "own stuff" and it has been your insights and input that have been invaluable to me.


Your ability through the various modalities you offer, to hone in on the heart of the matter has been unparalleled in not only providing clarity but also in promoting many major shifts.


Your care for people as well as your dedication and commitment to the wellbeing of others stands apart.


Keep up the awesome work..... You make the world a better place.


Gold Coast, Queensland

Before my first meeting at Empower Within, I was busy, stressed, tired and angry, but life coaching sessions with Belinda has helped me to recognize and change the negative patterns that were creating my life experiences.


Talking with Belinda is like sitting and having it out with your best friend, but the difference being she can point out what triggers and patterns are creating your experiences. It’s like having a light bulb moment and when you realise what you need to work on, Belinda will show you the way.


During every visit Belinda keeps it real at all times and never eludes to having the perfect life herself unlike some life coaches. Instead she shares her own experiences to help me on my on my journey and I am grateful for her openness and honesty.


Now I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve with Belinda’s help. I have a job I love, that suits my family and me and I am paid what I set out to achieve. 


I feel great, happy, full energy and am grateful for all I have.


I love every visit with Belinda.


Gold Coast, Queensland

The universe knew what it was doing when it lead me to Belinda.


There are so many ways to describe how Belinda has supported me on my journey. To say that she provides a safe space to really explore the stuff that gets in the way of living your best an understatement.


Her gift is helping us to get real and heal.


I feel so blessed to have had (and still have) the support of Belinda as I journey through this glorious adventure we call life. 


You know how much you mean to me and I will be forever grateful!


Gold Coast, Queensland

I met Belinda 2 years ago. She has literally changed my life. 


Through our sessions, we’ve cleared the things that were holding me back, 

and preventing me from moving on to the next stages of my life. 


Every aspect has now changed as she’s given me the tools to help me deal better 

when I am faced with situations that anger or worry me. 


I couldn't be more grateful for having someone like her as a guide, and a friend.


Gold Coast, Queensland



While struggling in the relationship with my ex-partner, I sought the expertise of Empower Within and Belinda. Not only did Belinda and the Radical Forgiveness techniques enable me to move forward in life, but also to understand the bigger picture behind why these things happen! She allowed me to heal within myself and dissolve any negative energy surrounding my ex-partner.


The fact that I have referred many of my friends to Belinda stands testament to how much I truly believe in this amazing process! This has been the best gift anyone could've given to me and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience radical forgiveness!.


Gold Coast, Queensland

Through the various holistic approaches offered by Empower Within, I was empowered and able to release emotional baggage as well as identify and shift destructive patterns. It was a life changing experience made possible by Belinda who is a dedicated, caring and compassionate facilitator. A process I highly recommend…​


Gold Coast, Queensland

What stands "Empower Within" apart from other practise's; is that not only did I get to recognise my repetitive patterns and misconceptions around life experiences - but I was then armed with practical tools and applications to actualize the changes I wanted in my life. When Belinda first helped me apply the tools and concepts of "Empower Within" to what I felt was a helpless, hopeless situation; I felt a physical change immediately. I literally felt lighter, empowered, and grateful for what I previously saw as my 'victim' story. This shift had a ripple effect through my whole life, and instigated the changes and manifestations I had been waiting years for - beyond the changes that I even thought were possible. I already had an understanding of the Law of Attraction, and have great self-awareness, but Belinda helped me use this knowledge in practical application to achieve tangible, undeniable results. It's hard not to sound like a cliché`, but "Empower Within" has literally changed my life; how I see it; how I live it; and how much I love it. I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you again...


Gold Coast, Queensland

I had the privilege to work with Belinda for a couple of months in late 2013. I knew I was stuck. I had become involved in personal growth work, meditation and yoga in the mid 80's in my early 20's and felt quite defeated that a recent major family trauma had left me so devastated and unable to move forward, even with all the skills I had up my sleeve.  


I knew I needed to find a new way to perceive the challenges life was delivering me, so I decided to give Radical Forgiveness a go. I had found Colin Tipping's book on a friend's bookshelf and went online to see if I could find a Radical Forgiveness Coach to work with. And was I lucky!! Belinda lived one hour away. 


Belinda was fabulous!  I knew I had found the right person from the moment I met her. She has beautiful clear energy, a big heart but is also hugely courageous. I come from a very rigorous intellectual family and can usually convince people of my perspective, but Belinda was lovingly relentless in chasing down the situations and relationships where I was still holding the victim role and insisted, the only avenue to freedom was to let the victim role go completely!


This led me to experience the transformational breakthrough, that is so often promised in personal growth workshops and books, but is so rarely sustained after the initial high. 


I completed my Radical Forgiveness Coaching with Belinda in December 2013 and have seen this work springboard me with leaps and bounds, to the life I always knew was possible.  


I thoroughly recommend this work and encourage anyone who wants to receive the full benefits of this work, to do a course of Radical Forgiveness Coaching. The Coaching will ensure you leave no stone unturned and really get the benefits of this work. I wholeheartedly recommend Belinda as your guide. Freedom awaits... 


Bangalow, NSW


Nearly 3 years ago Belinda and radical forgiveness came into my life and changed it forever.


I was struggling with my business, my relationships and felt like I was only just able to keep my head above water. Even after the first session my life started to change, all that I thought was negative changed when I changed my thoughts and feelings around them, doing this equip with the tools I learnt from Belinda. I never thought I could be in the space I am in.


After focusing on manifestation, my business has become wildly successful and my relationships are healthier than ever and I am finally finding the person I am meant to be and I know I owe that to her and her guidance.


I am so blessed knowing this work and I recommended to anyone willing to open their minds and hearts 


Gold Coast, Queensland